More Rose Wines for Summer at the tasting bar Sat. June 23, 2018

 It's rose time! Especially during a heat wave. There is no better way to cool off than with a nice refreshing glass of rose (or jumping into a lake) but we prefer option1.

more rose wine for summer

Saturday June 23, 2018

Summer Rose Wines

Between 3:30-6:30pm

Monster Rose 2017

Aromas of freshly picked cherries & pink grapefruit. Vibrant flavours of Rainier cherries & cranberries with hints of lemon on the finish. Clean, crisp acidity & a kiss of sweetness make this the perfect summer Rosé. Pairing the Rosé with a picnic of cured meats, ripe cheeses and freshly picked Okanagan stone fruits.

Privato Rose 2016

An inviting shade of strawberry, this Rose is bursting with aromas of red plum, rose petal and lavender. On the palate, flavours of fresh raspberry and plum combine with a bright acidity and dry finish to round out this perfect patio wine.

Joie Rose 2017

Its bright watermelon hue, anticipates the intense aromas of strawberry, raspberries and dried sage. On the palate the structure is medium bodied with moderate alcohol and is ever so slightly off-dry with natural mouthwatering acidity and a touch of tannin for structure. The intense nose carries through to the palate where we find bright flavours of strawberry, Montmorency cherries and citrus. The finish is long, clean and dry.

Culmina Saignee 2017

Bleeding off a portion of juice from each of Culmina’s best Bordeaux-red varietal lots, Saignée is a bright and characterful rosé from select Bordeaux varietal micro blocks on the Triggs’ family estate. Subtle herb and mineral aromas coalesce with nuanced, savoury red fruit to form a classically-styled rosé reminiscent of its bigger Hypothesis sister; one of outstanding vivacity, beauty, elegance, and style.

La Stella Lastellina 2017

80% Merlot- 10% pinot noir, 10% cab franc. La Stellina is a Rose with personality and elegance. It is slightly off-dry and intensely aromatic.

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