The Hatch Winery at the tasting bar Friday June 22, 2018

Ryan the wine guy will be pouring the Hatch wines in store on Friday only. 

Here is a little story on the Hatch direct from Ross O!

The question I get asked the most often is ‘what is ‘the hatch’’ and why. That’s a terrific question to ask when trying to ascertain exactly what it is we are, and what we’re doing. So no better place to start than (finally) answering  that oft asked question. What, pray-tell, is ‘the hatch’. On a direct level, ‘the hatch’ is a tasting emporium, an emporium the likes not seen before here in The Okanagan. But on a meta-level, ‘the hatch’ is the culmination of dreams had by a group of eccentric grapeophiles who have lived and learned the way of the vine for countless years. On a direct level, ‘the hatch’ is an inviting, warm, rustic and entertaining  ‘shack from the future’ that invites anyone to come by, try some wine or to just enjoy their lives for however long they can spare to spend with us. On the meta-level, ‘the hatch’ is the launching point for a variety of remarkable, unique and rare wines that are certain to set a new level for quality and enjoyment in our fair valley. Directly, ‘the hatch’ is a beautiful location with one of the most ridiculous views of the region that has ever been seen. On the Meta, ‘the hatch’ is the absolute culmination of the wants and dreams of a select, rare and bizarre cadre of people who are unconcerned about the convention and now have a chance to show the world exactly what real wine, real hospitality and real people are all about. ‘the hatch’ is the direct confluence of all our favourite arts; the liquid artsthe visual arts and the living arts; finally together and together forever.


The Hatch Winery

Ryan in store 3:30-6:30pm

Sweet P White Blend 2016 

The name is classic hatch confusion, in the sense it’s not sweet sugar-wise, but sweet as in ‘that’s a sweet bottle of wine’. It’s P3, and not like Gordon Campbell used to go on about, this is Pinot Gris, Blanc and Auxerrois (which isn’t technically a ‘Pinot’; it’s a cross between Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir from back when.)

Yanco White 2016 

Whilst predominantly Pinot Blanc, this vintage contains a literal dollop of Gewurztraminer which adds a lovely floral quality, pops out the aromatics and broadens the pallet in the most delightful of ways possible.

The Pinot Blanc was grown on our estate Vineyard in West Kelowna, while the Gewurzt was astutely grown in the warmer hinterlands of Lake Country. No oak was harmed in the creation of B. Yanco. This is an expressive and fruit forward wine that has soft, yet refreshing acidity to it. 

Black Swift Kurkjian Farm Riesling 2016

This unique sub-region of the Okanagan Valley is particularly suited for this noble grape variety. The beauty of Riesling, aside from the fact it’s the most ethereal of the white grapes, is the diversity of wines that Riesling can produce. The deep clay in the soil allows for optimal ripening and results in a wine that is much more on the muscular and intense side of things with laser acid delivering stone fruit, citrus while underlined with true minerality. Sexy petrol notes are starting to form, which makes this wine an interesting cellar candidate. Make sure to buy a few bottles of this wine and watch and enjoy its long evolution ahead.


Dynasty White 2016

With the Dynasty White, extravagant opulence was the goal and combining Chardonnay, Semillon and a dash of Muscat proved to be the winning combination we were seeking. This wine defied vineyards, and it goes beyond the grapes themselves. After fermenting the Chard and Sem in older oak, we allowed this wine to further develop for 9 months in stainless steel barrels on their lees to create a wine of wine up front texture while retaining a sense freshness. The Muscat was an accouterments at the end of the process, and who doesn’t love Muscat.

Black Swift The Long Road Pinot Noir 2014

This vineyard is planted to a clonal selection including Pommard and Dijon 115, 667 and 777 and was cropped at a level of 2.5 tons an acre.

The grapes were fully de-stemmed and fermented on the skins for 28 days to maximize full extraction before being aged in a mix of 2 and 3 year old French Oak barrels. The adage of a wine being ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’ applies here; this is a well-structured and powerful Pinot, but the sense of elegance is certainly apparent. At this stage in development, it has a beautiful marriage of opulence and subtletly.

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