BC Wine Shop Highlights: Top 5 Stores in Vancouver & Beyond

Welcome to our guide on the top wine shops in Vancouver and other cities of British Columbia, where the culture of wine is as diverse as it is rich. From the bustling liquor shops to the well-stocked shelves of private wine stores in Vancouver and beyond, this region caters to every wine enthusiast. Whether you’re exploring the elegant selections at the Yaletown Liquor Store or seeking unique finds in BC online wine stores, the province offers a remarkable range of choices.

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This overview will take you through the best wine shops in BC have to offer, highlighting their special features, selections, and services. Discover where to buy Ward’s cider, learn about the dynamic wine club Vancouver scene, and stay informed about wine store hours, including the wine shop holiday hours. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a budding enthusiast, join us in exploring the vibrant world of wine companies in Vancouver, where every visit promises new discoveries.

Okanagan Estate Wine Cellars

With two locations in Vancouver, Okanagan Estate Wine Cellars provides a neighborhood-friendly experience focused exclusively on British Columbia VQA wines.

Location & Contact Details:

  • 🍇 1811 West 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC
  • 📞 Phone: 604-565-WINE(9463)
  • 🍇 3669 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
  • 📞 Phone: 604-730-1341
  • 📧 Email: [email protected]
Okanagan Estate Wine Cellars

Wine SelectionPricesStaffAtmosphere

Okanagan Estate Wine Cellars is passionate about supporting the BC wine industry and bringing customers a vast selection of top Canadian wines and products directly from Okanagan and Vancouver Island wineries. Their knowledgeable staff offers friendly guidance in a no-pressure environment. The shop is independently owned by Michael Romand.

Wine Selection

They carry an extensive range of BC VQA wines at winery prices, including organic, late harvest and ice wines. The focus is on small to mid-sized Okanagan wineries.

Events & Tastings

Upcoming events of this BC wine store include free in-store tastings that customers can attend while shopping. Their newsletter also provides details on special tastings and promotions.

Ordering Information

Wines can be purchased in-store or ordered online for delivery throughout the Lower Mainland. Free delivery is offered on orders over $250. Pick-up is also available at both shop locations.

Reviews and Ratings

“Come here for your local BC wine! Amazing staff and proprietor!” – Phillip S.

Artisan Wine Shop

With locations in North Vancouver and Victoria, Artisan Wine Shop celebrates the stories and wines of organic, small-lot Okanagan Valley producers.

Location & Contact Details:

  • 🍇 North Vancouver: Lonsdale Quay Market, 119-123 Carrie Cates Ct., 604-264-4008
  • 🍇 Victoria: 644 Broughton St., 250-384-9994
Artisan Wine Shop

Wine SelectionPricesStaffAtmosphere

Artisan Wine Shop offers personalized recommendations, wine club membership, tasting events and corporate gifting services. Their focus is on limited-release and exclusive Okanagan wines.

Wine Selection

They showcase a curated selection of allocated, organic wines from boutique Okanagan wineries like CheckMate, Martin’s Lane, Painted Rock and more.

Events & Membership

As a wine club member, customers can attend virtual tastings, winery events and have access to limited wines. The shop also hosts Okanagan winemaker events open to the public.

Ordering & Delivery

Convenient online shopping with shipping available. Free delivery in BC on purchases over $150. Pick-up available at both store locations.

Reviews and Ratings

“Really good winery, prices are very accessible and is located close to downtown, so you can enjoy the shopping and delight yourself with a sample for loving this wine. Red is my best!” – Jonatan A.

Marquis Wine Cellars

A staple in Vancouver for over 35 years, Marquis Wine Cellars offers outstanding service and the largest selection of wines in British Columbia.

Location & Contact Details:

  • 🍇 1034 Davie St, Vancouver, BC
  • 📞 1-800-589-2804
Marquis Wine Cellars

Wine SelectionPricesStaffAtmosphere

Marquis takes pride in its broad wine selection, with over 2000 products in stock. Customers can expect friendly and knowledgeable service.

Wine Categories

They carry wines from all major regions, plus hard-to-find Greek selections. Categories include exclusives, reds, whites, organic/biodynamic, dessert wines and more.

Shipping & Returns

Free delivery throughout BC on online orders over $249.99. Pick-up available in-store. 30-day return policy for unopened items.

Customer Reviews

“Wonderful friendly service from Marquis Wine and especially from Robert… I cannot praise Marquis too highly and would definitely use them again.” – Gillian L.

Yaletown Liquor Store

A conveniently located shop offering beer, wine and spirits seven days a week.

Location & Contact Details:

  • 🍇 1116 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC
  • 🕒 Open daily 11am-11pm
Yaletown Liquor Store

Wine SelectionPricesStaffAtmosphere

Amenities and More

Offers delivery services and bike parking on site.

Wine and Spirits Selection

Smaller selection but carries all major categories of wine and spirits. Value-priced options.

Customer Reviews

“This is my go-to place for purchasing wine. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable with recommending different types of wine.” – Elynne Z.

Swirl Wine Store – Yaletown

This boutique gem focused exclusively on celebrated BC wines before its closure in late 2022.

Location & Contact Details:

  • 🍇 1185 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC
  • 🕒 Temporary Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 12pm-7pm
Swirl Wine Store

Wine SelectionPricesStaffAtmosphere

Featured Wines and Best Sellers

Swirl shop offered sought-after local wines from wineries like Arrowleaf, Poplar Grove, Black Hills and Gray Monk. Top sellers included Wild Goose Pinot Gris and Laughing Stock Portfolio.

Wine Club Membership

The fee-free wine club gave members exclusive access to limited wines, discounts and VIP access to tastings.

Gift Cards & Events

Gift cards and baskets were available. In-store events included winemaker tastings and food pairings.

Shipping & Pick-Up

Free local delivery on $150+ orders. In-store pickup available.

Store Closure Note

After 15+ years, Swirl Wine Store with excellent wine bar closed permanently on November 27, 2022. They thanked customers for their support over the years.

British Columbia is home to a thriving wine region, with over 300 wineries spread throughout its diverse wine-growing valleys. As the BC wine scene continues to gain global recognition, an array of independent wine shops have emerged to showcase the very best of local winemaking.

The wine shops of British Columbia offer far more than just bottles on shelves. Knowledgeable staff, wine clubs, events and personalized services aim to educate and enrich the vinous experience. Support local businesses while exploring new favorite wineries. From Vancouver Island to the Okanagan Valley, BC’s wine culture is meant to be savoured.